Black Silk Eye Sleep Mask

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Our silk eye mask will turn your sleep into amazing sleep!

The black Silk Eye Mask by Everybodi is the essential luxury sleep accessory to induce your best sleep. The silk sleep mask sits comfortably over your eyes to block out even the brightest of lights. The soft pure silk helps to nourish the skin around your eyes which can help to prevent premature aging.

This mask is the perfect luxury gift for mum, partner or bridesmaid. Each mask comes with a beautiful matching silk bag for easy storage. These masks have been designed to fit comfortably around your head with a non slip band that wont get tangled in your hair.


✓ 10cm X 23cm

✓ One Size Silk Sleep Mask Fits Most

✓ 100% Silk Exterior

✓ 100% Silk Fibre Filling

✓ Colour: Black

✓ Stretchy Silk Covered Elastic Headband (Which doesn't get caught in your hair)

Benefits of using an Eye Mask for Sleep

Most sleep masks are good at blocking out some light. Light can affect our ability to fall asleep, stay asleep and enter the REM stages of sleep, so creating a dark environment is crucial for a quality rest.

Darkness when sleeping is a crucial part of maintaining melatonin levels. Even a half-second exposure to light can disrupt sleep cycles so being able to sleep uninterrupted in complete darkness is an important factor in getting good rest.

These days, we are constantly bombarded with light especially at night. Whether it’s a tv, a bathroom lamp or devices, all of these disrupt the melatonin production and prevent a good night rest. A sleep mask is a natural way to create full darkness and ensure that our body provides us with the melatonin we need to sleep well.