Skincare is Self-Care

What everybody else has to say

  • "On that glow up! Having some ‘Me’ time is so important. So, I spent this afternoon pampering myself with the amazing scrub. My skin literally feels so smooth and after using it for over a month my stretch marks have started to minimise! Try it for yourself"

    KALI BURNS, Fitness Coach

  • "Tried this product for the first time this week and can honestly say- it is A M A Z I N G!!!! Having recently had my first child, my skin has been noticeably dry and dull. After using just once it felt baby soft and I didn’t even need to moisturise. Plus, add the additional benefits of the product being all natural, cruelty free and supporting a Melbourne based charity."


  • "It's natural, it's effective and it includes a good cause! Love it so much! I've been buying the large packs and tried every flavour. Huge fan of the grapefruit & lavender and orange. Saves time moisturising after shower since it contains natural oils to do so when you scrub! Great for a relax or taking your tan off!"

    Sohini Khan

  • I used to have those gross little bumps on my arms and I thought they were just a part of life. I've been using the everybodi scrubs because my missus got me one as a present. Not only does my skin feel softer than it ever has before, but the bumps are less prominent and starting to go away!

    Luke Martin

  • I recently tried the Soothe Magnesium & Orange Scrub from Everybodi and I am so impressed! The scent is amazing and it left my skin feeling softer and smoother than ever before. The magnesium in the scrub really helped soothe my sore muscles and the orange gave me a much-needed energy boost. I would definitely recommend this scrub to anyone looking for a little bit of indulgence in their self-care routine.”

    Jodi Potter