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There are so many beauty products available to us nowadays.

Walk down the aisles of any convience store—or check out the counters of any major department store—and you’ll see literally hundreds of beauty products crying out for your attention that make all sorts of promises.

I can be dressed up or dressed down, rocking a little funky color in my makeup or going super neutral. But regardless of my makeup style (or whether I’m wearing any at all!), I feel my best when my skin looks luminous.

At Everybodi, we often say how you feel on the inside determines how you look on the outside.

When a woman is lit up, feeling good about herself, embracing who she is and how she looks—it shows. More than any product, any makeup technique, any fashion choice or hairstyle—the #1 thing that makes a woman look beautiful is how beautiful she feels.

Less makeup is always more.

That has been our mantra since Everybodi first began almost four years ago. We always recommend simplifying your makeup routine - with proper skincare routines, you wont need to “pack it on”

“Self-esteem” is one of those buzzwords we’ve heard so many times that we almost forget what it really means.

And yet, self-esteem is one of the most crucial foundations for living a pleasurable life and feeling good in the world. 

There’s something magical about traveling, isn’t there?

Just by leaving your hometown, you have a chance to reinvigorate your life, welcome in new adventures, meet fascinating new people, make memories with your loved ones, try amazing new things, see the world from other perspectives (quite literally)…
That’s kind of our mantra here at Everybodi. If you follow our facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably heard it a lot: How we look on the outside is a reflection of how we feel on the inside. But even if we know that’s true, that the philosophy makes sense, it can be tricky to know how to apply it, or how the connection actually works.

“What’s the one piece of advice you would give your younger self? 
We challenged 12 women ranging in ages from 20-40  to answer this question.
See below to hear their 12 incredible answers. (Hint: Each response is great advice for any age.)

Right now, out there in the world, countless voices are telling us how to live our life.

We are surrounded by TV shows, magazines, webpages, films, and even news programs that feature stunning, young model, saying “This is the right way to live to be beautiful.”

In reality, beauty comes in so many forms. It comes at all ages. It comes in all shapes. But we rarely hear that.

Stretch marks happen to almost every woman at some point in our lives. Sometimes they fade away, sometimes we get new ones. But they’re nothing to fear or be embarrassed about.

Let me share with you the truth about the top five myths you’ve heard about stretch marks as well as give you some helpful tips to get smoother skin all year around.

Women of every age, shape and race want beautiful skin. At Everybodi, we believe what makes skin beautiful is its natural radiance.
We have all seen women who glow from the inside out, exuding a kind of light as they move through the world.