Sloan Free Scrub


You have won yourself a Free Everybodi Face and Body Scrub. 

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Hear what Sloan from Entourage, Miss Iran and Miss Las Vegas have to say about this Range of luxurious, skin loving, blemish fighting, skin toning and silky smooth scrubs!


Magnesium & Coffee Body Scrub

USES: Helps Prevents Stretch marks, Fights cellulite, Clears Pimples, Hydrates dry skin, Sensitive enough for Ezcema and Psorisis suffers, Relieves muscle soreness…. PLUS MORE!

BENEFITS: Hydrates your skin leaving it luminous and glowing!

Some common Q& A’s

Are all the ingredients you use natural?

YES! All our products are made from natural ingredients.

Is everybodi scrubs made in Australia?

YES! Australian made and owned.

Can I store the scrub in the shower?

YES! It comes in a waterproof bag.

Can I use the Scrub on my face?

YES! Just a small amount will leave you glowing.

Can you use the scrub more then once a day?

YES! Use it as many times as you like.

Will this scrub really help prevent Strecth Marks?

YES! Use it daily before, during and after your pregnancy

Can I get a subscription so I never run out of scrub?

YES! Monthly bags for your convenience! (by invitation only)

RATED #1 Scrub by over 10,000 everyday women around the world……………

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