Magnesium Spray

“Seriously.. Changed my life. Sleep better, recover faster and feel better overall since adding this miracle spray to my nightly routine."

Suzie Young - Magnesium Spray Customer

Magnesium Spray

Relieve stress and tension for your mind and body.

Transform your mind and body with Magnesium sourced from the ancient, deep mineral deposits of the Dead Sea. A fast acting spray to quickly soothe your aches and pains, rest your mind and body and even treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Used by athletes, pregnant and breastfeeding women, children and the elderly. The benefits are almost endless!

  • Insomnia? Increases GABA, encourages relaxation as well as sleep

  • Pain? Relieves muscle aches, pains, restless legs and cramps

  • Migraine? Relaxes tight neck muscles

  • Anxiety? Regulates your body's stress-response system

  • Tight Muscles? Improves flexibility, elasticity and stretch.




Sourced from the ancient, deep mineral deposits of the Dead Sea, Everybodi Magnesium Oil is pure and highly concentrated. 


A perfect balance of pure H2O to enable your skin to absorb the high levels of Magnesium.


Spray 5 times directly onto the part of your body that is sore or strained and massage in gently. Simply continue what you are doing and in about 20 minutes the Magnesium goodness is absorbed. If you feel inclined you can then rinse off with warm water (this is optional).

Use as required to build up your daily dose of magnesium. Tingling sensation may occur. For sensitive skin, use less or can be applied with coconut oil. 


Magnesium Chloride and Filtered Water

See What People Are Saying

"On that glow up!Having some ‘Me’ time is so important. So, I spent this afternoon pampering myself with the amazing scrub. My skin literally feels so smooth and after using it for over a month my stretch marks have started to minimise!Try it for yourself"

- Kali Burns, Fitness Coach

Tried this product for the first time this week and can honestly say- it is A M A Z I N G!!!!Having recently had my first child, my skin has been noticeably dry and dull. After using just once it felt baby soft and I didn’t even need to moisturise. Plus, add the additional benefits of the product being all natural, cruelty free and supporting a Melbourne based charity."

- Natalie Duncan

"It's natural, it's effective and it includes a good cause! Love it so much! I've been buying the large packs and tried every flavour. Huge fan of the grapefruit & lavender and orange. Saves time moisturising after shower since it contains natural oils to do so when you scrub! Great for a relax or taking your tan off!"

- Sohini Khan

"My all time fav scrub!! Love the magnesium in it, I use it as a post work out treat to help my muscles recover!"

- Cassie Evangelou

"I love this product and my skin smells so good all day afterwards! I use a lot of high end products and these scrubs are right up there with the best. I've never used a product before that has had the same instant impact as this one does on both my skin and my health. As a chronic fatigue sufferer, I'm always looking for something that will help give me a natural boost and this scrub definitely does that. It's now a regular in my beauty routine."

- Sher Lea

"I love the magnesium and coffee scrub! It leaves my face and body feeling hydrated and so soft, would definitely recommend."

- Ashleigh Lehtinen

"These scrubs are the best I have ever used. Really helps clear up my acne prone skin and leaves it feeling clear and soft."

- Cassie Moloney

"I got my first Everybodi scrub as a gift a year ago and loved it ever since! I’ve used a lot of ‘big name’ scrubs on the market, but Everybodi is definitely my favorite! My skin feels so amazing after using it and it smells delicious!! Also, as a fake tanner, it’s great for removing old tan and prepping for a fresh layer! Can’t wait for my next delivery!"

- Stephanie Laura

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