3 Tips For Luminous Skin Daily

I can be dressed up or dressed down, rocking a little funky color in my makeup or going super neutral. But regardless of my makeup style (or whether I’m wearing any at all!),
I feel my best when my skin looks luminous.

Luminosity—that “glow” your skin gets when it’s happy—is totally connected to how you feel inside. Glow and luminosity are your body’s well-being radiating out through your skin.

There are a lot of cosmetics companies out there selling products that “put on” that glow from the outside. They tout all sorts of complicated ingredients like microbeads and special pigments and shimmering particles.

But at Everybodi, we believe that true beauty isn’t something you put on like a mask. It’s something that comes from the inside out.


Enjoy luminous skin without the chemicals.

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a lot of money and absorb a bunch of chemicals to get luminous skin—it’s something you can create from within.

Of course, our skin can have a wonderful glow when we’re well-rested, or we’ve just had an epic massage, or we’re on an amazing vacation. But life happens, and sometimes we don’t get enough sleep or we are working hard on a deadline or we can’t afford to stop to take a trip to the beach.

So, in those moments when life is happening, how do you make your skin glow without using a bunch of expensive chemical cosmetics?

Here are a few tips I’ve found to create luminous skin even if you can’t stop your routine to go get a massage or walk on a beach.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

I’m terrible at drinking water. I forget all the time. Especially if I’m focused, I can go without a drink of water until I’m really thirsty. And did you know that by the time you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated?

It’s kind of silly. But it’s important. Hydration is necessary for the functioning of all our body’s cells, and especially our skin.

My skin always starts looking dull and lifeless when I don’t drink enough water. The quickest way to get that radiant glow back in my skin is to drink a big bottle of water, juice, or herbal tea.


Work up a sweat.

 Exercise is one of the best ways to get your skin glowing.

Even 20 minutes of exercise that elevates your heart rate revs up your circulation, kickstarts your body’s natural self-healing processes, and brings a little moisture to your cheeks.

When I can’t get quite enough sleep for one reason or another, that’s when I make extra sure I’m moving enough to get my heart rate up. It gives my body energy and brightens my skin, helping counteract that tired look.

The good news is, any kind of movement that elevates your heart rate will do the trick. So go to the gym if you love working out, go dancing if you love the beat, do some yoga if that’s your thing. But it also works to take a brisk walk, work in the garden, or even clean up the house a little more energetically than usual.


Skip the soap—and moisturise naturally.

 If drinking water keeps you hydrated from the inside out, skipping soap helps do the same from the outside in.

Soap is great for getting clean, but it’s incredibly drying. It strips away your skin’s natural oils, taking away your skin’s natural luminosity.

Instead of soap, try the gentle Repair scrub from the Everybodi range— Repair is formulated to protect your skin’s natural oils while lifting away impurities, pollutants and makeup, leaving your skin soft and moist.

Furthermore Brighten Scrub lavishes your skin with moisture from all-natural sources, like coconut and avocado oil, that support the oils in your skin that create your natural luminosity. Brighten Scrub not only makes my skin look glowy, it instantly makes it feel nourished, quenched and healthy.

That creates a positive feedback loop—when I feel better, I look better!

How do you nourish your skin’s natural luminosity? 


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